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Your fans are out there. Connect with them in real time.

SpeaQ drives real time user engagement through all forms of media.
of Americans use a second screen while watching TV
In 2017, digital coupon redemptions totaled
$47 Billion
of digital media consumption is on smart phones
By 2022, digital coupon redemptions are set to total 
$91 Billion

Digital Fan Engagement is the most important initiative for sports industry professionals surveyed.

See how SpeaQ can help you and your partners exceed your advertising goals through increased lead generation, comphrensive audience insights and direct attribution.

Powerful Analytics

Gain comprehensive insights into your audience that you can use to provide a direct, measurable ROI to advertisers.

Zero Code Setup

Setup and run campaigns within minutes of signing up - no coding or technical knowledge required.

Embeddabale Widget

SpeaQ easily integrates with existing mobile applications or websites - driving traffic where it's most important to you.

Generate New Leads

From our case studies, over 1/3 of users that interact with SpeaQ provide their contact information to save sponsored offers. This in turn means more leads for your advertisers, and a greater (trackable) ROI for you.

Expanded Reach

From our case studies, we've found social media posts using SpeaQ in their call to actions have generated over 10x engagements when compared to similar posts.
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