State Champs! Trivia

See how State Champs used SpeaQ to generate nearly 200 new leads from one offer.

We recently ran a pilot case study with State Champs. During this study we launched a series of trivia questions on a rolling weekly basis. The primary purpose of this study was to gauge the effectiveness of increasing engagement and generating new leads for the sponsor of the trivia, in this case Hungry Howie's. A single offer was used throughout the trial.

At this point in the trial we can already see that our solution has been very effective in regards to both metrics. For engagement, we found that posts using SpeaQ in their Call to Actions had over 10x engagement on the post as compared to similar posts made by the same account. From those initial engagements, over 50% of these users went on to answer the trivia. Of those who answered, over 1/3 of users saved the Offer (via either providing a phone number or email). Regarding lead generation, we have currently generated almost 200 leads for Hungry Howie's with a strong continual upwards trend.

Cumulative Lead Generation Count

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